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Give yourself permission to unwind and take time to relax. Your mind and body need it and will thank you!

Allow yourself time to relax with a pampering spa bath with Love your Bath & Body products. | Modish and Main

Something I really focused on last year and still putting into practice this year is allowing myself time to relax.

When someone asks you, “Hey, how are you doing?”   Is your response, “Oh I’m good, just really busy.”

Here’s the truth — we’re all really busy, just in our own ways. From the entrepreneurs, managers, side-hustlers, stay-at-home mom’s and dream seekers, we’re all busy. It just looks different between each person and each situation.

I want my response to that question to be answered, “Thank you for asking! Work is really great and I’ve been enjoying time outdoors and even finding time to relax with a good book and a glass of wine. How are you doing?”

Doesn’t that response sound a lot healthier and inspiring? I truly believe that without allowing yourself time to relax, you can’t enjoy what’s right in front of you. Now relaxing can look very different for each of us as well. It could be a night on the couch binge watching Netflix with a glass of wine or running a hot bath to enjoy the solitude of a good book and little spa pampering.

I teamed up with a new local boutique here in Oxnard, Love Your Bath & Body, to inspire you to not only take time to relax but to also get soft, luscious skin just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Allow yourself time to relax with a pampering spa bath with Love your Bath & Body products. | Modish and Main

There are few things I love more than supporting small businesses and all-natural, high quality, cruelty-free bath and body products. You know I’ve been on a mission to transition my skincare and beauty products to all-natural solutions, so I was very excited to start and green my bath routine.

What I love about Love Your Bath & Body besides them opening up shop just down the street in The Annex, is that all their products are made right here in the USA by hand using all-natural, organic ingredients. Our skin is our biggest organ so it’s important to treat it well by using products that aren’t causing it more harm than good.

Now that it’s time to relax, let’s go over the essentials needed for your at-home spa day.

Bath Bombs. Run a hot bath and drop one of these bath bombs in for some seriously good relaxing. They’re made with epsom salts and essential oils and come in a TON of available scents. You can purchase them individually or in value packs like this tube of 5 bath bombs for $22.50 (10% when you bring it back for a refill too). Plus, there are plenty of options available for the kiddos as well if you don’t want them to steal yours!

Scrubs. In order to get soft, luscious skin you’ve got to get rid of the layer of dead, dry skin on top. Pick out a lovely scent and get scrubbing. I honestly couldn’t believe just how soft my skin felt afterwards! I was throughly enjoying this time to relax.

Love Your Bath and Body - Body Scrub | Modish and Main

Soap. I started to use only pure bars of soap about 2 years ago and if there is one thing you can easily change in your bath routine, it should be this. I won’t get into just how bad “shower gels” are, but the days of using a bar of soap that leaves your skin feeling dry and squeaky are over. Trust me.

I have a glass jar full of pure soap bars in different scents on my bathroom counters and can’t wait to shop for more at Love Your Bath & Body. You will love how your skin feels after using a pure bar of soap made with all-natural ingredients and essential oils.

Body Lotion. You’ve worked so hard to get rid of the dry skin, cleanse it and now it’s time to seal in the moisture with some rich, all-natural body lotion. Their lotion is made with only the finest ingredients and designed to create a barrier on your skin from environmental impurities leaving you with soft, supple skin for the rest of the day. I can get behind that!

Are you relaxed yet? The final touches are to light some candles, grab a glass of wine, a few pieces of dark chocolate and a good book. Taking time to relax isn’t something you should feel guilty about. We all NEED it and quite frankly, deserve it.

Now for the good stuff — a GIVEAWAY!!!

Love Your Bath and Body Valentine's Gift Set Giveaway by Modish and Main
Love Your Bath and Body Valentine's Gift Set Giveaway by Modish and Main

One lucky person will win this adorable Valentine’s Day Love Your Bath & Body spa box! It contains a bath bomb, Love Spells Bubble Bar and a jar of foaming soap and body parfait in Love Spells as well. The perfect box of goodies for you to take time and relax.

In order to win you must do the following —

  • Like my latest post on Instagram (spa related)
  • Follow @californialybnb on Instagram
  • Tag a friend with could use some time to relax
  • Comment with your favorite way to relax after a long day using just an emoji. 🛁

Please note — this giveaway is currently only available to local residents who are able to pick up their box at the Love Your Bath & Body boutique located at The Annex in Oxnard, CA.

Good luck!

P.S. How great is this wood bathtub tray? It’s expandable and can convert into a bed desk for when you want to remove yourself from the tub!

This post is sponsored by Love Your Bath & Body but all opinions are 100% my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that help make this blog possible and for supporting small businesses when possible!

Keep Living a Stylized Life.

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