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“They say I’m a little bit country,  well they’re right on the money….”

I swear I should live on a farm somewhere outside of Nashville surrounded with lots of dogs and a few goats. Then I could wear all the big hats, boots and jeans I want while sipping sweet tea and eating southern biscuits on my expansive front porch. Ahhhh… the good life (or so I think).

The funny thing is, next week I’ll be all about being the surfer/beachy girl and forget about those dreams for a fast minute until I’m onto the next thing. I guess that’s the beauty of dreaming, it doesn’t hurt to dream big and fast.  For now I’ll keep pretending to change my surroundings simply by a visit to my closet and the mood I’m currently feeling… which is clearly a bit country.

Tip Your Hat | Modish and MainLet’s talk about the love I have for this hat and the story behind it. As a quote on quote, “hat girl,” I’m always keeping my eye out for new ones to add to my collection. It’s constantly my go-to accessory and since you can find them relatively inexpensive (although you can certainly drop some dollars if you want to!) it’s a great way to make an outfit go from so-so to memorable.

I actually found this beauty while browsing the Ventura flea market last month. These adorable gals from Freehand Boutique had a tent set up with tons of super stylish items. The best kept secret about this hat is that it’s adjustable. Yep, that’s a new one even for me! So beyond the cool shape, size, and feathers… it can adjust to fit more heads than one. Pretty smart if you ask me.

Feather Trimmed Fedora | Modish and Main

Tip Your Hat | Modish and Main

Tip Your Hat | Modish and Main

Since I seem to love anything boho/western it’s no surprise I fell in love with this Stella & Dot aztec coral expandable tote bag. Besides the amazingly awesome pattern, it’s incredibly roomy and has a wipeable interior fabric with sizable pockets. The extra fringe tassel was just a bonus! Aztec Coral Tote Bag | Stella and Dot

Aztec Coral Tote Bag | Stella and Dot

Tip Your Hat | Modish and Main

Suede Ankle Booties | Modish and Main

Feather Trimmed Hat | Modish and Main

Tip Your Hat | Modish and MainOutfit Details: Freehand Boutique Feather Trimmed Hat | Michael Kors Dylan Aviators | Daniel Rainn Top at Nordstrom Rack (old) | Suede Ankle Booties at Nordstrom Rack (similar styles here) | Stella and Dot Aztec Coral Tote Bag | Stella and Dot Wrap Bracelet | lia sophia Earrings & Ring (old collections)

Keep Living a Stylized Life.

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