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Top 10 Hair Tips


Whether to go for the bob, the pixie, add layers, highlights, lowlights, bangs versus no bangs ….. those choices I cannot help you with unless I know you, your hair and your lifestyle. However, I can give you my Top 10 Hair Tips & Tricks that I know work pretty much universally across the board. Top 10 Hair TipsSome of these items require me to go into a bit more in-depth so you understand what their purpose is and how to use them. I use these products and/or styles on a regular basis and truly think they are some of the best on the market!

I personally have long, fine hair, so I have definitely made best friends with dry shampoo, the Moroccan Oil Light and the Wet Brush. I’m terrible at getting into the salon for haircuts (we’re talking anywhere from 6-8 months between trims!), so I have to use products that will keep my hair in great shape for as long as possible. I should note that I rarely use a blow dryer and opt for the slight breeze to do it’s thing while I take the dog for a walk. So not applying direct heat on a daily basis definitely helps me extend my trims to 6-8 months!

hair essentials and inspirationsLastly, here is my absolute BEST advice. Visit the nearest Drybar and let them try out products and styles on you for a flat cost. They are stylists and will know what works best on your hair type …. plus you get to drink a mimosa and watch chick flicks all while you get beautiful hair! This is all they do … no cuts, no color, just blowouts.

the drybar

Please, please share what some of your best hair tips and products are!


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