Travel Tuesday — Booked My First Trip to Europe


It’s Travel Tuesday and I am so excited to announce that I have booked my first trip to Europe happening this June!

World Globe — Booked My First Trip to Italy | Modish and dMain

I must admit, I have quite a bit of wanderlust inside of me and am always itching to go on a new adventure. Whether it stems from wanting to experience new things or never wanting to be caught “standing still,” I have a love for exploring and living life outside the four walls we call home. Don’t get me wrong, I love my home and the life we’ve built within it, but I’ll never be satisfied if I don’t get the opportunity to quench my thirst for a new journey ahead.

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With that being said, I don’t think I have ever been more excited for an upcoming trip then I do about our trip in June. My Mom, Dad, Sean and I are all traveling to Italy for a 16 day stay throughout parts of Italy! To say this is a dream come true is an understatement. We gifted my Mom a trip to Italy for her 60th birthday last year & they so graciously invited us along for the journey as well. Who would say “No” to that?

Not only have I simply wanted to travel to somewhere in Europe, but I really wanted to explore Italy not only for their incredibly beautiful picturesque towns and rich history but also because my Grandfather’s family comes from the northern region of Piedmonte.

World Globe — Booked My First Trip to Italy | Modish and dMain

World Globe — Booked My First Trip to Italy | Modish and dMain

I’m at the place in life where I want to learn about my ancestry & experience any of their culture if at all possible. Though we don’t know any direct family members still living in the area, that isn’t going to stop us from exploring the region and embracing everything they have to offer. We have quite a travel schedule ahead of us as we’re staying in 6 different cities and at the mercy of a very cute, but little Fiat 500X.

I want to share my travel plans with you in case you’ve been to Italy and can share with me some of the favorite places you may have stopped, restaurants you devoured and even some things you may wish you would have left off your list. I’m really starting to dive into my research of things to do, so please share your wisdom with me!

* Stop 1 — Rome (2 nights)
* Stop 2 — Montepulciano (4 nights)
* Stop 3 — Radda (4 nights)
* Stop 4 — Cinque Terre (3 nights)
* Stop 5 — Turin area (2 nights)
* Stop 6 — Milan (1 night)

Is it too early for me to start working on my packing list? I’m literally so anxious to go & have already started brainstorming what my travel outfit will be, what pieces of versatile clothing can I pack, and how to fit it all in my Eagle Creek Packing Cubes!

No joke, I’m already losing sleep over deciding what camera to bring. I really really want to bring my very nice Canon 5D Mark III with the 24-70mm lens, but am stressed over the thought of something happening to it while overseas. I do have a Canon Rebel SL1 with a multitude of lens that I can bring as well as my Samsung NX300. Those will shoot nice enough pictures and I won’t worry quite so much over their safety. Plus, bringing two cameras means someone else can be holding one and I have a better shot of showing up in a picture or two!  I don’t know, I’m so torn. This is my chance to really put my 5D Mark III to use in terms of shooting epic photos that will last a lifetime, most likely on my walls. Ughhhh… any suggestions photography friends?

The countdown has begun, I am officially 110 days away from embarking on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Italy! Whooohooo!

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2 comments on “Travel Tuesday — Booked My First Trip to Europe”

  1. Love this, very excited for you!
    I have also just planned my first trip to Europe although we had to scrap Rome off our extremely long list of places we wanted to visit; so instead we are visiting Venice!
    Rome is beautiful from what I’ve seen and I definitely want to visit another time,
    looking forward to seeing more posts from you!

    May x

    1. Hey May!

      Oh I hear you… I had so many cities I wanted to visit on my list in Italy and I’m the opposite, I couldn’t fit Venice into my plans. I wanted so badly to see it, but gives me more reason to come back! Where else are you going throughout the Italy trip? You should email me so we can connect and see if there are plans we can share to get the best of both of our trips!

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