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Vacation in Lake Tahoe – Final Recap


I can’t believe I’ve already been back a week from my vacation to Lake Tahoe. You wait so long for the vacation to finally come, it goes by so fast and before you know it your pictures are the only thing you have for all those great memories!

This year was truly one of my favorite trips to Lake Tahoe. We often did things we haven’t done in the past years, I barely touched foot in the casinos, my brother Ryan joined us, and I met a new blogging friend! You all should go check out Aisha’s blog,! This girl has traveled the world, competes in some amazing fitness competitions, lives in gorgeous South Lake Tahoe and all at the mere age of 26!

I also wanted to share another round of photos with you from the trip. I was constantly snapping pics with my new camera and even caught up with my Dad & brother on the golf course at Edgewood Tahoe to catch them in action!

Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe
Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe
The M.S. Dixie, Lake Tahoe
The M.S. Dixie, Lake Tahoe
Secret Harbor Cove, Lake Tahoe
At the Secret Harbor Cove, Lake Tahoe
Golfing at Edgewood Tahoe
My Dad & brother golfing at Edgewood Tahoe
17th Hole, Edgewood Tahoe
My brother, Ryan, on 17th Hole
17th Hole, Edgewood Tahoe
17th Hole, Edgewood Tahoe
Riva Grill, Lake Tahoe
Sean and I at The Riva Grill

Until next year!

– Kristin







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