Wandering Together for 10 Years


A family that wanders together stays together | Modish Wanderer x Modish and MainThe Legansky’s celebrate wandering together for 10 years!

Yes, we sometimes jokingly refer to ourselves as The Legansky’s as a hybrid-culmination of our last names. None the less, we are celebrating 10 years together today! As the date has been approaching we have been talking about how fast these past 10 years have flown by. There is so much life that has happened in 3,650 days and I’m so proud that we’ve taken that journey together.

A family that wanders together stays together | Modish Wanderer x Modish and MainIt’s crazy to think that I have been dating Sean since I was 23 years old. I was a puppy! He has stood by my side through all my crazy endeavors, wild ideas and desire to constantly be on the go. He keeps me grounded, helps pull back the reigns & provides me with the stability to balance my wandering soul. A little bit of our best traits have rubbed off on one another over the past decade and I truly believe it’s made both of us better people and most importantly, better partners.

He’s been along for the ride as I jumped jobs every 1-2 years in my 20’s, my urge to move every 1.5 year & half and my wild ambition to start a blog, become a photographer, start my own creative marketing company and then launch an adventure apparel brand. Sean knows when I’m on the verge of getting hangry, tolerates my puppy voice with Dexie and my constant reorganizing of every drawer in our house. I’m fiercely competitive, stubborn as all hell and usually last to say I’m sorry, but I know even though it can frustrate him at times, he still loves me through it all.

We have certainly had our ups and downs, but I like to think that “a family that wanders together, stays together.”

Here’s to celebrating 10 wonderful years together and cheers to the next 10. ❤


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