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I spent last weekend back home in Wisconsin surrounded by four Golden Retrievers and lots of family. We got out and did a little bit, but per my usual, I spent a lot of time just hanging around the house sipping on wine and keeping warm. We also celebrated my Grandma’s 87th birthday complete with cake and singing!

I did manage to snap a few pictures of my weekend home ~ Enjoy!

On my first morning home I woke up to snow! The weather gods sure don’t seem like they are going to be nice to the Midwest again this year.

Snow Day | Modish and Main

Snow Day in Wisconsin (in October)

I loved getting to spend time with my beyond adorable niece, Brynn. She’s at the age where everything goes in her mouth, even my brother’s phone!

Niece, Brynn | Modish and Main Niece, Brynn | Modish and Main

And of course the pups! You knew there would be photos of the dogs. Knowing I’ll be surrounded by all of them makes it a tiny bit easier to leave Dexie because I can still get my golden fix!

Bailee, my family’s oldest dog, was super playful one day outside. I’m glad I was able to capture these photos because usually she’s just laying around the house being a bum.

Golden Retriever and Tennis Ball | Modish and Main

Golden Retriever and Tennis Ball | Modish and Main

Gracie girl is just a bundle of joy. My parents really got such amazing dogs when they rescued her and Jackson last year.

Golden Retriever | Modish and Main

I could just bear hug Jackson all day long. He is such a cuddly bug. Poor guy, his back leg was bothering him so he spent quite a bit of time just watching from the sidelines with these sly grins.

Jackson, Golden Retriever Rescue | Modish and Main Jackson, Golden Retriever Rescue | Modish and Main

Last, but not least, is Gretta My brother’s family rescued her this past spring and she is just a darling. She is unbelievable timid, but sweet as pie. I was so happy to see her pick up a bone and start chewing on it that I ran to grab my camera to catch the moment!

Golden Retriever and her Bone | Modish and Main

A house filled with family and dogs… what more could I ask for?

Keep Living a Stylized Life.

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