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What Does Style Mean to You?


When you hear the word style, what comes to mind for you? Is it immediately all about fashion? Does it involve beauty? What about the simplicity of it or rather is it the glamorous allure of it all?

Style is such an independent story for each of us. Some of us invest more time and money into it, while others let it happen naturally and/or could care less about it. I truly believe style is an extension of our personalities and the beauty of it…. it can change day to day! There are some mornings when I wake up and I’m all about wanting to look polished with a bright lip and sleek top knot. Most days however, I’m all about the effortless, boho look that appears like it took me mere minutes to put it all together (some days it is minutes, other days that look may have taken me 20 minutes). Whatever it may be, its exactly how I’m feeling. You will never find me in something that feels forced.

For example, you won’t find me in bows, plush furs or exotic reptile skins. You just won’t. It doesn’t speak to who I am. I see nothing wrong with other people wearing them, it’s just not me. I think that’s something that everyone needs to come to terms with, that they don’t have to dress as someone else. The midi skirt with a cropped top and kitten heels looks absolutely adorable on that woman, but if you put that on and it feels like you’ve become this whole other person you don’t recognize… don’t wear it. I beg you, don’t wear it. We can all tell when something feels foreign on you because you aren’t owning your outfit that day.

Rachel Zoe, stylist and designer, says it best….

Rachel Zoe Style Quote // Modish and Main

With the fall and winter season under way, take time to go through your wardrobe and really try to come to an understanding of what story you want to tell with your style. Are there items you thought you would wear (or really wanted to try a certain trend) but they just continue to sit on a hanger never to be worn? Try it on one last time and give yourself the permission to give an honest opinion if this item showcases the best of your personality.

Once you’re done with that exercise, start selling your “I love these clothes, but they just aren’t me” items on a site like Poshmark. Remember, just because they didn’t speak to your personality doesn’t mean they aren’t perfect for someone else!

Then, I suggest you start creating a Style Inspiration board on Pinterest. Start browsing your favorite blogs and brands and pin images of stylish (modish) outfits that you’re really gravitating towards. Use this board when you’re trying to come up with fresh, new outfits in our closet or when you have to pack for a trip and need ideas. Trust me, I do it all the time!

Now tell me…. when you hear the word “style” what comes to mind?

Keep Living a Stylized Life.

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