Working From Home Ground Rules


As the saying goes, “working from home is meant for some people and not for others.” For me, working from home not only applies to my full-time job at Modish Digital, but also as the creator of Modish & Main. I absolutely love it and do well with it, but not without some ground rules in order to ensure I’m effective.

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I have a daily routine that I primarily stick to on any given day. I don’t like to be late to work and I certainly don’t enjoy staying after. Therefore, during my working hours I want to be the most productive .

You must have rules. You must stick to your rules.

It’s very easy when working from home to get off-task by doing a few chores around the house here & there throughout the day. Those tasks, when not scheduled, can quickly consume valuable work time and need to be restricted to scheduled “break” times or a set amount of time for the day. My dog gets antsy about every 2-3 hours for attention & play time and I’ll allow 20 minutes to play, but then I’m back in the office. Believe me …. once you start a load of laundry, all of a sudden you’ve done 5 loads, folded and put away before you know it.

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My office space is constantly changing. Due to my organizing obsession, it’s constantly evolving, things are being swapped out, new items here & there, but the end result is always a workspace that allows me to stay organized and feel inspired.

I must stress… if you are not an organized, tidy person at heart, then you should purchase a desk that has drawers so the mess can quickly be hidden. Personally, I’m so obsessive about my desktop space that it is ALWAYS tidy before calling it quits. That system works for me and allows me to stay focused on my tasks, so you have to evaluate what your biggest concerns are and address those first.

Lastly, the key to working from home is being able to stay focused. Believe me …. this is a constant battle when emails are coming in with this sale and that sale and I fall prey to it every now and then, but I’m pretty diligent about the tasks I need to accomplish and getting them done. If you struggle with being able to skim your social media pages throughout the day, then I suggest setting a 15 minute break once in the morning, during your lunch and again in the afternoon and that be the only time you check them.

Like I said, working from fits nicely into my lifestyle, but I do have to force myself to go work at a coffee shop every once in awhile, schedule a day to meet a friend for lunch or just play hooky and head to the beach for a few hours. You are allowed to take advantage of the perks of working from HOME after all.

Do you work from home? What do you struggle with?

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