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Being a blogger and social media strategist for small businesses means lots of time spent behind a computer or a camera. Today, I’m sharing with you what my typical day-to-day routine is while working from home.

I’m lucky enough to work from home and enjoy the privilege of flexibility and freedom it provides me, but it can also be a lonely world where 10 hours out of the day I only speak to my dog. Most of my days are pretty routine from within the house with the few exceptions of running errands to grab ingredients for a photoshoot or the occasional, but rare, lunch meet up. I’m a creative person that leans towards a Type A personality, so I like routine and I like sticking to it even though I have no boss that tells me to. That’s maybe why working from home is productive for me where it wouldn’t be for others. Anyways, scroll down to take a look at how my day-to-day breaks down.

Working From Home - My Routine #blogger | Modish and Main

If you work from home, what things are you a stickler about in order to stay productive? Do you maintain a routine or utilize certain tools to keep track of what you need to do for the day? I’m always wanting to learn how other people do it!

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