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Wrapping Up 2016


We’re on the final days of 2016 and what a great year it has been! I have travelled to parts of the world I never thought imaginable, launched a new business, and even managed to bring you some fun, new content here on the blog. I’m wrapping up 2016 with a recap of some of my favorite posts!

Wrapping up 2016 | Modish and Main favorite blog posts.

My love for being in the kitchen has grown substantially over the past year as I continue to learn to cook, bake and serve delicious meals that are gluten and dairy free. The most used recipe is my homemade vanilla almond milk. It’s used to make anything from 4-ingredient cookies to açai bowls, caramel sauce and gourmet chia seed pudding.

Homemade, Healthy Vanilla Almond Milk Made in the Vitamix | Modish and Main

How to Make Delicious Almond Meal Cookies from Making Your Own Almond Milk | Modish and Main

Healthy Breakfast Vegan Acai Smoothie Bowl Recipe | Modish and Main

Enjoy a Healthy Breakfast or Snack with this Gourmet Chia Seed Pudding Bowl Recipe | Modish and Main

You can also find a ton of my innovative, delicious recipes over on the Cambria Wines and Murphy-Goode Winery blogs! I’ve made anything from Hawaiian Portobello Mushroom Burgers, Hickory Wood Smoked Chicken, Mini Vanilla Donuts with Maple Glaze to Korean Beef Skewers, Crockpot Carnitas Street Tacos, Gameday Cheesesteak Sliders and my favorite, Mexican Cauliflower Rice Bowl with Chicken. Ohhhh man, they all turned out so good!

When I wasn’t whipping up yummy dishes for the wineries, it felt like I was on the move! I traveled to Beaver Creek, CO for our annual ski trip in January, went to NYC on a girls trip in April, a 17-day trip to Italy in June, 2 weeks in Wisconsin, back to Lake Tahoe for our summer vacation, only to travel back overseas to Greece for a wedding in September and then ended it with a weekend trip to San Diego for a workshop. It was truly a magical year & one that is going to be pretty hard to live up to!

Beaver Creek Ski Trip 2016 | #modishtravels


Travel Log — Rome, Italy at the Colosseum | Modish and Main

Traveling to Santorini, Greece? Come explore the island with me in just 24 hours where we'll see the beaches, the wineries, churches, eat good food and even relax a little. Click to read now or pin to save for later! — Modish and Main


Wait, wait, wait …. how can I not talk about wrapping up the amazing things that have happened this year without reminding you that my home was featured on Glitter Guide!! Talk about dream come true and the most incredible honor that people wanted to see inside MY home. It really pushed me to finish up those last minute areas that needed decorating, but it was all worth it.

Modish and Main Glitter Guide Home and Office Feature

Modish and Main Glitter Guide Home and Office Feature

In wrapping up an incredible year, if you’re looking for some attainable organizational projects to get your started off on the right foot in the New Year, then you’ll love these.

An Organized Fridge

What's in My Fridge, Plus I'm Sharing 5 Tips for Keeping an Organized Fridge | Modish and Main

An Organized Pantry

Create an area in your kitchen for all your healthy baking essentials, plus you with just a few key tools you can build an organized pantry system that will keep you productive! Get all the details by clicking here or pin to save for later! — Modish and Main

An Organized T-Shirt DrawerGet organized in the New Year starting with your t-shirt drawer! This simple method helps create an organized t-shirt drawer without any toppling over stacks. Get all the details by clicking here or pin to save for later! - Modish & Main

I can’t wrap up 2016 without acknowledging that I officially launched my own business in October!! The creation of Modish Digital was something brewing in my heart for years and I finally worked up the courage to make it official. It’s a boutique creative marketing firm specializing in helping small businesses utilize effective marketing and social strategies, as well as offering my photography services. This winter I had the incredible opportunity to photograph 8 families! You can view all of my work via my PORTFOLIO.

Modish Digital Family Photography

In closing, thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting this blog. It means the world to me & it wouldn’t be possible without each of you stopping by day in and day out. I wish you the happiest of New Year’s and can’t wait to connect again in 2017!

Keep Living a Stylized Life. 

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